Jaggery Powder Sachets Manufacturers

We at Dhanraj Sugars Pvt. Ltd. are proud to be one of the top manufacturer of premium sachets of jaggery powder. Every sachet we manufacture reflects our dedication to providing perfection, guaranteeing that you will receive the best natural sweetener for your culinary creations.
Our jaggery powder has a rich, caramel-like flavour that complements both savory and sweet meals, making it a healthier substitute for refined sugars. Each portion of our sachets is precisely metered for your convenience and is expertly made for simplicity of use while on the road. Our jaggery powder sachets are easy to use and versatile; you may use them to add a pleasant twist to your favorite dishes or to sweeten your morning tea or coffee. These guilt-free sachets, which are full of vital vitamins and minerals, encourage a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Jaggery Powder Sachets

Jaggery (also called as Gur )are traditional Indian sweeteners, which are produced in addition to sugar from sugarcane. These traditional sweeteners are the natural mixture of sugar and molasses. The jaggery powder manufacturers are mostly small and marginal relying on quick returns from jaggery.

Explore our range of jaggery powder sachets and elevate your sweetening experience today!

jaggery powder sachets

Jaggery Powder Sachets Advantages :-

  • No Chemicals or Additives: High-quality jaggery powder sachets typically do not contain artificial additives, preservatives, or chemicals.
  • Convenient Packaging:Each sachet is perfectly portioned, making it ideal for on-the-go use or to complement your daily routine.
  • Natural Goodness: Say goodbye to refined sugars and embrace the natural goodness of our jaggery powder.
  • Easy to Use: Jaggery powder sachets are easy to use; you can simply tear open the sachet and add the desired amount to your beverage or food.

Specifications :--

Brand Dhanraj Sugars Pvt. Ltd.
Flavor Natural Taste
Form Powder
Type Organic
Processing Type manual
Packaging Size 5 gm
Speciality Healthy
Packaging Type Sachet
Color Brown
Bulk Packing 25 kg HDPE bag with polyliner inside
500g x 40 units=20kg Corrugated Box
Retail Packing 500g Standy Pouch

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