Dhanraj Sugars Pvt. Ltd. was first introduced in 1980 at Surendranagar, India, with a brand launch and complemented by sugar products re-processing and re-packing. We have launched a sugar sachet targeting the hospitality, airline and health industries. Our branded sugar sachets have cut out a market niche in the up-market segment and institutions, with packing sugar sachets for our high profile customers. Our supplied sugar sachets make life easy for our customers, whether they are in the travel and tourism industry or in the food catering business, in a star hotel or in the fast-food business. Our supplied sugar sachets are packed in high quality food grade polyposter and polyglassin paper. These sachets are accessible in rectangular packs.

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Stevia sachet manufacturers & exporters in India

Regardless of whether sugar originates from sugar beets or sugar cane, the cleaning procedure is similar for each plant, and the outcome is the same pure sucrose. One contrast in handling between the two plants is that sugar beets are refined at a solitary facility, a sugar beet manufacturing plant and sugar cane at two facilities: processing begins at a crude sugar processing plant and completes at a sugar refinery. We do re-processing and re-packing of wide range of sugar products that includes Refined Sugar, Crystal Sugar, Icing Sugar, Kathli Sugar, Pharma Sugar, Pulverized Sugar, Demerara Sugar, Sachet, Pharma grade sugar, Sugar Cube, Mishri and many more. The offered sugar is procured from the most trusted and reliable vendors of the market and then is refined with advanced techniques. Clients can avail the offered packages from us in various customized options as per their requirements.

Why Choose Dhanraj Sugar?

We present quality products that have assisted us to develop a strong customer base globally. Some of the reasons why we are reckoned above our competitors are:

What is meant by Sugar?

Everyone have been heard of the term “Sucrose” – what is it really? Sucrose is simply the other name for sugar, the simple carbohydrate that is produced naturally in all the plants including fruits, vegetables and even nuts. The greenery plants transform the sunlight into their food and energy supply to manufacture sugar and this process is known as photosynthesis. Once the photosynthesis creates sugar, plants are having the unique ability to change sugar to starch and starch to various sugars for storage.

Sugar is mainly made from glucose and fructose and is extracted from sugar cane or sugar beet. Sucrose which is produced from sugar beet provides just over half of all the sugar what we consume and Sugar beet is a large pale brown root crop, similar to parsnip and has a sugar content of around 16% when it is harvested.


Cane Refining Process for Sugar

  • Raw Sugar: After harvesting sugar cane, it is cut and crushed to extract the juice and then the juice is heated, partially purified and concentrated until the sugar crystallizes. Further the crystallized raw sugar is then sent to our refineries.
  • Cleaning: Raw sugar is softened and filtered to end up alcohol that is then refined and decolourised to expel plant deposits, waxes and soil residues.
  • Filtering: The clarified sugar alcohol is now passed through filters to expel suspended solids and remaining shading.
  • Crystallization: A greater part of the water is vanished from the sugar alcohol, trailed by boiling in vast vacuum skillet. Toward the finish of the cycle, the vacuum container contains a blend of sugar crystals and syrup.
  • Drying: Centrifugals separate the crystals of sugar from the syrup. The crystals are dried and put away in storehouses until required for packaging or shipment to clients.
  • Packaging: Now the sugar is ready for packing in diverse sizes, from large 1 tonne industrial bags or small 2 kg paper bags that we find at he grocery store.

Sugar Refining Process

The process where the sugar cane is partially refined into raw sugar at mills operated near the sugar fields. Further the sugar cane has to be processed rapidly after being cut.

Sugar Sachet Customization

Dhanraj Sugar Pvt Ltd. provides sugar sticks, sachets and blisters, exclusively packed with sugar which is made according to international standards. Our supplied personalized sachets will help the customer to distinguish our product from other brands. The need of modified sachets is not limited to the hoteliers, our customers can get personalized sachets as per their needs in studio, boutique or even a family wedding for that matter. The offered sachets and sticks can be designed according to the requirements of the customers. A small piece of the sugar sachet can be converted into an advertising material and an element of corporate style as well. Our supplied sugar sachets are competitive as compared to the regular sugar sachets and providing marketing at the same time.

Leading Supplier of Sugar Sachet

Dhanraj Sugar Pvt Ltd. brand name well-known in the market for supplying the superior quality of Sugar Sachet to all the major tourist location like Goa, Kerala, Sikkim, Himachal, Rajasthan, Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer where there is a huge potential for hospitality industry. Our professionals are engaged in supervising global sugar markets to assure the best price and consistent supply of our product to globally flourished customers in the countries like Latin America, South East Asian Countries. We are based on honesty and looking out for our customer’s best interest. It’s all about building associations with our sugar suppliers, manufacturers and most importantly our customers.

What is Raw Sugar?

Raw Sugar is an intermediate component in cane sugar, and produced at a sugar cane mill, which is a tan, coarse granulated product obtained from the evaporation of clarified sugar cane juice.

Sugar Sachets

Since the inception days of the firm, we have continued to develop a huge range of sugar sachet for the growing foodservice market. We are sourcing the raw and white sugar from different countries across the world to fulfill the demands of the customers. We are considered to be the largest organization delivering a full range of Sachets for the Hospitality and Travel Tourism Industry. We provide to the specific demands and requirements of our respected customers. We are having a huge range of standard sachets commonly required by our target sector like Hospitality and Travel Tourism. We also modify the sachets for our clients with their own specifications, design and contents.

Our flourished range of Sugar Products

  • Refined Sugar
  • Crystal Sugar
  • Icing Sugar
  • Raw Sugar
  • White Sugar
  • Brown Sugar
  • Glucose Powder
  • Kathli Sugar
  • Pharma Sugar
  • Pulverized Sugar
  • Demerara Sugar
Pharma Sugar

Sugar sachets for hotels

We Dhanraj Sugars Pvt. Ltd. are the leading supplier of finely re-processed sugar sachets for numerous hotels in India. We are supplying the pure quality of sugars, that too in easily conveyable measures of sachets and packing’s so that they can separately use them according to their requirements. At general base, many hotels requires the sugar sachets in large quantities, to serve for their customers so they used to be usually asks us for the supply of our specially refined sugars for their hotel purposes.

Along with the supply, we also export our sugar sachets to the many abroad countries. Additionally, we are the one firm who are having the abundant types of sugars like white sugar, demerara Sugar, brown sugar, crystal sugar, and icing sugars etc which are enormously needed for the hotel usages as well we provides in a nominal prices so many consumers asks for exports and supplying of our sugar sachets.

Sugar sachets for restaurants

As we are the foremost firm of indulged in re-processing, re-packing the various types of sugars, as well we are extremely supplying & exporting our well refined sugar sachets to the lots of restaurants of Delhi, Karnataka, Kolkata, Chennai and many more cities. As restaurants requires for the hygienic quality of sugars to make the desert dishes and beverages like tea and coffee so, they requires for bulk supply of our sugar sachets. Our sugars are perfectly packed in a right order of packaging’s and sachets so that it can be effortlessly comfortable for the usages of restaurants.

For our uncontaminated forms of sugars, many restaurant holders from diverse countries are looking forward us for the export of our many types of sugars like refined sugar, brown sugar, pulverized sugar, icing sugar etc.

Sugar sachets for hospital

Being the well-known company of providing the superbly re-processed sugars, we have received a great market demand from the various sectors. Even we are gradually supplying our pure quality & chemical free of sugar sachets for the hospitals. Especially in hospitals, they were expects for the complete hygienic sugar in takings for their usages with moisture free packing’s so, many of the hospital members believes in our quality of sugars and also our contented types of sachet packaging’s are more beneficial to them to use for tea & coffees and for pharma usages of the specific sugar sachets for every individual hospital staffs and patients.

For the hospital purpose, we are mostly supplying to cities like Rajasthan, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai etc cities of customers are usually demands for our thoroughly filtered & dried forms of glucose powder, pharma sugar, crystal sugar and white sugar and so on.

Sugar sachets for cafes

Being one of the famous sugar suppliers in Gujarat, many cafe holders are tremendously purchasing our untainted type of sugar sachets. Usually cafes requires a large quantities of sugar packets and sachets for to prepare the coffee, for them our firms sugar is best & better as eco friendly sugar for them in both quality and price ranges. As we are the wholesaler in providing different varieties of sugars like raw sugar, refined sugar, white sugar, brown sugar, crystal sugar which are most probably usable for the cafes purposes.

Due to more requisites of our good quality of re-processed and dust removed form of sugars in the café, so they used to ask for the supply & export from our company in a regular means at reasonable cost.

Sugar sachets for airlines

The sugar sachets and packets made from Dhanraj Sugars Pvt. Ltd. are completely pure & uncontaminated for edible and due to this, our supply were also increased for airlines purposes. In airlines, the sachet of sugar is most needed for each passengers and cabin staffs for individual in takings of separate sachets of sugar for their tea & coffee or beverages. In fact, they orders for the bulky amount of sugar sachets for large usability. Mainly they expect the purity in it, so we are expert in providing the dust free and refined sugar.

Moreover, we are massively exports and supply our special varieties of icing sugar, white sugar, crystal sugar and brown sugar to the several airlines in a regular base with the lenient price.

Sugar sachets for corporate office

We Dhanraj Sugars Pvt. Ltd. are much expert firm indulged in making better quality of re-processed sugar sachets in surendranagar. Almost every nearer cities of Gujarat like Surat, Valsad, and Tapi etc places of clients are frequently buys our sugar sachets for their office & administration usages as our sugar dissolves quickly. Usually, corporate office members regularly intakes the tea and coffee or beverages as refreshment purpose so for every individual member of the office, our specifically packed sachet of sugar is best for them and it’s also cheap in price even for the supply to them.

Many customers of India from varied cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad etc places of clients are frequently, we used to supply them for their corporate offices. As well, much corporate office of other countries asks us for the exports of our mixture of white sugar, crystal sugar and refined sugar given at the nominal cost.


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